Tip For the Doing Business Together Couple

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Marriage and work, without a doubt are the two important things. But what would happen if in life should always deal with two things at once. What will be felt when required to choose between family or work? Or how to be able to undergo both?

There are many reasons couples, especially married wife after stopping a career for the sake of the family, but not least also experiencing separation due to career reasons.

Some companies that allow husband and wife to work in the roof could be an option for those who want to work together, there are also couples who decide to start a business together.

Not easy indeed to live, and that definitely takes extra effort to be consistent and create an equation, while many also argue that marriage will make the relationship work so unprofessional.

Here are some tips that you can do when choosing to work or do business with friends:
1. Have a reserve fund

Maybe you have a trust in each other and believe that things will be going well when doing business together. Yet in financial terms, you should always prepare for an emergency fund or a backup plan when the business does not run as expected. So be prepared to face whatever happens.

Never start a business with minimal knowledge or simply relying on the pair. You should still have a plan B, in order to face the risks that can occur.

2. Separate between work and personal life

It is not easy to separate between work and personal life at home when you are working in the same place with a couple of your partner, especially when there is a problem. Professor of Management at The Wharton School Laura Huang, called proximity phenomenon is painless. Simply put, you will be very disturbed if there are problems at home, but when in the office should remain professional.

You need to set the ground rules as at dinner with the family did not discuss the job, the same thing is true in the workplace. Have mutual respect and care of each other and always communicate openly if it finds a problem.

3. Work according to the given tasks and areas

Dividing the work in a professional role between you and your partner, and do things right from the outset. Not to do the job for the sake of the happy couple when it’s not your field, or if your employer has entrusted the right job for the right people and not give the task to a partner in order to get good grades. Give the portion of the work that is consistent with the expertise of a partner.

4. If possible, find external assistance

This can be in the form of a third person, such as a business advisor, mentor, or even a marriage counselor. When problems and clogged deal with it, you need the help of a third person who will provide insight and input to address the problem is happening.

So, whatever decision you take, always remember that you have chosen the road to work as a couple. Therefore focus your intentions at the beginning, rather than the decision aim is also to happiness with you, always cultivate a sense of mutual respect and trust remain on your partner.